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We have developed a platform to find an effective way to get people’s power and personal recommendations to promote your business for you. 

Personal recommendations remain the oldest and most-trusted form of advertising, and the most influential as they’re the most likely to lead to some form of action being taken. This alone demonstrates just how much power referral marketing has, if done well.  

ViralPromo.net enables you to get the advantages of human power to run awesome social media based viral offers such as giveaways, lotteries, raffles, contests, referral marketing & sweepstakes on your website, Facebook, mobile, Tumblr, etc.

Find below the some of key benefits when you join with us,

  • Build a Natural promo team to promote your goods & services in all social media platforms.
  • Get leads + customers + referrals
  • Boost Social Media followers & traffic
  • Run awesome offers, giveaways, referral sign-ups, sweepstakes, promotions, contests, raffles, & instant reward campaigns in minutes
  • Incentivize Social Media actions
  • 100% mobile friendly. Connect with mobile consumers
  • Easy DIY setup. No coding
  • No contracts. No commitments. Cancel anytime
  • Awesome support

We invite you to run a viralpromo on your website that offer rewards for referrals, actions such as following your social media profiles, sharing your offers, re-posting your messages & much more!


Why should I use ViralPromo?

  • Build a Natural promo team to promote your goods & services in all social media platforms.
  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Get referrals by rewarding people for sharing your message on their social media profiles
  • Boost your social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,…
  • Get social media traffic to your website
  • Boost Sales by offering instant gratification
  • Run awesome referral marketing programs
  • Increase engagement, leads, referrals & sales
  • Improve organic reach of your online presence.

Easily setup different types of campaigns like:

  • Share & get or Refer & get promos
  • Share & win or Refer & win promos
  • Enter & Win or Enter & get promos
  • Instant win promos
  • Signup & win or signup & get promos
  • Book & win or Book & get
  • Visit & win or Visit & get promos
  • Comment & win or Comment & get promos
  • YouTube contests e.g. Watch & win, Watch & get, Subscribe to channel & win or Subscribe to channel & get promos
  • Twitter contests e.g. Tweet & win promos
  • Pinterest contests e.g. Pin & win promos
  • Facebook contests & promos
  • Answer & win promos
  • & innovation is limitless…

What entry methods can I reward for? Brief examples

In ViralPromo you can add one or multiple entry methods  to your giveaways , sweepstakes, instant win campaigns and contests (aka competitions)
You can run unlimited number of campaigns.

Here is a list of sample entry methods: Innovations are endless.

  • Comment on your WordPress Blog post (Your Blog should be using WordPress for this entry method)
  • Share your blog post on Social Media
  • Give Like, Love reactions
  • Create Form (Activate custom fields. Collect info, get bookings, appointments, RSVPs, etc)
  • Collect Sales Leads such as phone number, email address
  • Visit a facebook page (And, to boost engagement, you can also ask a question related to the content on the Page)
  • Share on Facebook
  • Like, Love, reactions
  • Like , Comment & Share FB post
  • Visit Google plus page [Deprecated]
  • Follow
  • Visit Instagram profile (And, to boost engagement, you can also ask a question related to the content on the Instagram profile)
  • View Instagram photo or video (And, to boost engagement, you can also ask a question related to the Instagram photo or video)
  • Like, Comment Reactions
  • Share
  • Like a post
  • Subscribe to mailing lists
  • Follow user on Pinterest
  • Follow user board on Pinterest
  • Pin an image [Deprecated]
  • Judge.me reviews (Available on Shopify and WooCommerce only)
  • Yotpo reviews
  • Open-ended questions
  • Multiple choice single answer questions
  • Multiple choice multiple answers questions
  • Ask a question
Sign Up
  • Sign Up
Refer -a-friend
  • Refer -a-friend (Awesome organic viral growth strategy!)
  • Follow user on SoundCloud
  • Like a track on SoundCloud
  • Retweet a tweet
  • Tweet a tweet
  • Tweet a hashtag
  • Follow user
  • Visit a webpage (And, to boost engagement with your webpage, you can also ask a question related to the content on the webpage)
  • Subscribe to a channel
  • Like a video
  • Watch a video (And, to boost engagement with your video, you can also ask a question related to the content of the video)

Some ideas on what you can achieve?

ViralPromo is an awesome marketing platform to achieve a range of objectives. There are unlimited benefits including:

  • Get Social Media publicity
  • More email subscribers
  • Boost sales
  • Get referrals (arguably the best organic viral growth strategy)
  • New customers
  • Increase traffic
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Attract new readers to your blog
  • Get comments
  • Increase in social media followers
  • More social media engagement
  • Get insights
  • Run surveys, quizzes and polls
  • Educate about your products & Services
  • Get Reviews for your products & Services
  • Add more views to your youtube videos
  • Add more subscribers to your youtube channel

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